Monday, June 27, 2011

All You Need Is...

I think weddings should come with a warning. A small disclaimer at the bottom of the program that says "For your health, wedding planning is not reccommended." It is an exercise in highs and lows, tears and happiness, arguments with mothers, and well, we probably shouldn't even discuss the other arguments.

"Can we just elope?" has become my mantra. If only. Grand scheme of things, I know I will enjoy the day. Day of, I probably will stop worrying. Either that, or a few glasses of wine will ensure I stop worrying...  but right now, I just want to scream. Nothing has come easily, and honestly the very thought of having to work the room at my wedding exhausts me.

This weekend, we headed up to Vermont to have our tasting and get several other items accomplished. I'm not certain my coordinator knows what she's doing, though she really likes to tell me to not stress, with this adorable little tone as if she's my mother. She recently came from a different resort. And it's very frustrating after getting to work with the best wedding sales girl ever.  I mean really, when I ask you which beers are available for the keg, don't tell me I can have any beer I want.  So you're saying I could do a keg of Guinness? Or Sierra Nevada? Or....   I know you have a list somewhere!

Worst of the weekend was getting my dress. I was so, so excited! There it was, all white and pretty. I fluffed it out and stepped in. I'm thinking "This is it! This is the dress I'm getting married in, it's mine!"  And then, the zipper wouldn't go up. Apparantly, my rib cage is too big. I can't lie, I cried. I was so upset. As a female, I'd rather have my dress be two sizes too big and require extensive alterations than have it be too small!

The good news is, we went back the next day when the shop owner was there. By using two sets of hands, she was able to get me into the dress. As long as I don't need to take deep breaths, I could walk out the door with no alterations and it would work. As it turns out, I will only need a tiny bit let out to make it fit. But seriously, couldn't it have been too big??

The good news is, we're getting there. The minister we found is wonderful, the location is ideal. And we have a DJ. So if nothing else, there will be a bride, a groom, a minister, food, and music. And hey, all you need is love, right?

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