Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Times They Are A-Changin'...

If you've read previous posts, you know life is one grand adventure. And the adventures keep coming. The week prior to our wedding, the now-husband officially reached IRR status. After having him gone two of the last three years, I feel no guilt in expressing my joy that he shouldn't have to deploy again!

But no worries, God still has a great sense of humor. Because of course, one week to the day after our wedding, he had to leave for five months of training for his civilian job. The perk here is that I get to see him most weekends, I can place outgoing calls and texts to him rather than staring at my phone, willing it to ring, and best of all, no one is aiming a gun at him, or leaving lovely homemade explosives meant just for him! So, while I'm alone, miss him, and didn't have time for that whole "I'm married" thing to set in, we're blessed.

So here's what you have coming up...  

  • A run-down of the wedding: I did a whole lot of DIY for this wedding and I think it'd be nice to share! I'm going to share projects with the how-tos. I also plan to give my vendors some major love (so if by chance you're planning a wedding in Vermont, you should pay attention!)
  • Stories of woe from the job hunt:  Sorry guys, but these wouldn't be mis-adventures without a few potholes, right? And if I have to vent, I know you're here for me, right? No? Well, I'll pretend.
  • Cooking: I got some great kitchen gadgets from the wedding, and I love cooking/baking to relax. It's a bit more difficult since I don't have co-workers to pawn off my baked goods on, but I'll try.
  • Random stuff:  You never know what I'm going to talk about! So we'll see what happens...
If you want to hear other things, let me know!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Welcome to Married Life...

Just a quick update to let you know I survived! Wedding successful. What an adventure it was...

Two weeks prior to the wedding, we were still hearing the same story from Killington Resort... "We believe we could pull it off, we could make it work, but you have to take the chance that your guests will be able to get here." (Oh, and most of their golf course is destroyed, and Route 100 to get to many of the fun things is obliterated.)  That Monday, just under two weeks to go, we came to the conclusion that we had to make a decision. People were asking, I was going crazy. My Killington coordinator was trapped on the other side of the broken road...      It is far better to move a wedding, and then the roads get opened, than not move the wedding, and oops, day comes around and no roads are open. With the information we had, we decided to move it. 

Luckily, my parents are members of a Country Club in Massachusetts sometimes referred to as a "wedding factory". They know what they're doing, and let me tell you, they do it well! Plus, I could still have my outdoor ceremony. So we made the decision, started planning the menu, contacting vendors, etc. 

There was just the small matter of my wedding dress. It was with the seamstress in West Rutland, VT. We could get to our place in Killington. Then, the only thing between us was, well, a missing road...  So we journeyed the "Woodchip Parkway" (seriously, Google it), borrowed a car on the Rutland side, picked up the dress, and carried it back across to the Killington side.  Dress rescued, we focused on Massachusetts. 

I was incredibly blessed in that all my vendors will willing to make the move with me. They all felt so badly that they made my life beyond easy. If you're in the Vermont area planning a wedding, I HIGHLY recommend Just Weddings florists, Aaron Topfer DJ, and Jay Ericson photography. Our cake baker was coming from Mass anyway, and a younger colleague of my mom's recommended a friend for hair and makeup who did amazing work for half the price!!

I will give you the day in full detail soon, but for now, crisis survived, weddings CAN be moved with two weeks' notice, and well, I'm married!!