Wednesday, June 4, 2014

National Running Day...

Crap! I was supposed to blog, wasn't I?  I don't have an excuse, I'm just bad at this...

So, I've been dealing with the adrenal fatigue, focusing on lifting, and maintaining my running. I'm in week 3 of a 4 week cycle with lifting, so I'll be testing my one-rep max again in about two weeks. I do feel like I've seen a change in my body the first time since, well, forever. butt is bigger.   Oops.

Honestly, the lack of change in my body has been frustrating, but today, it got me thinking. Why do I run?

Today is National Running Day. So social media is full of people talking about running, sharing why they run, sharing all forms of pictures, etc. A majority of the "why I run" responses are in some way related to weight loss. Either people run to lose weight, or because that's how they lost weight, or because that's how they can eat bad foods and not gain weight.  So, if my body hasn't changed in a year and a half of running, and I eat healthy, so I can't really claim I'm running to maintain...  why do I run?

I can't argue that running is stress relief. I know it is for some people. They talk about having runner's high every run, achieving Nirvana somewhere amidst the miles. I don't find this mid-run serenity they do. I don't think my way through problems or solve issues. Often though, I find silence. My brain jumps to things so meaningless I can't remember them when I'm done, or simply goes quiet. I find peace when the run is over. I love the moment when you're done, covered in sweat, still outside, and just sit. Turn the iPod off. Look around. Enjoy that moment.

But recently, I found a reason to run. I run because when I don't, I miss it. I run because I can. I run because so many can't. Running my first marathon for Team Fox this year was so influential. Even with the race over, I can't move on from the cause. I'm connect with other Team Fox members. I'm thinking about Team Fox almost ever run. I run to speed a cure for Parkinson's Disease.

My father-in-law is on my mind when I run. But so too are friends like Missy, whose Dad recently lost his battle with Parkinson's. People with Young Onset Parkinson's.  I'm doing a second marathon this Fall, and hoping to continue raising funds for the Michael J. Fox Foundation. I'm trying to think of more things I can do to raise funds.

And all along, I know there are so many other wonderful, deserving causes out there. TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors) who help the families of fallen service members, people run to fight cancer, to raise awareness for autism, for so many causes.  And I'm so glad for every runner involved with any charity.

So why do I run? Because I can. Because God has blessed me with that ability, even on the difficult days. Because I want to do good.

Why do you run?

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