Friday, June 13, 2014

Paleo Running...

As I write this, I am having a lovely breakfast of sausage, an egg friend in coconut oil, and sautéed kale. Yup, kale.   It's the current "it" food, and I have plenty at dinner, but breakfast?  And coconut oil? Never been a big fan..     So what's going on?

Well, I've obviously been discouraged. I've been dealing with adrenal fatigue. I've been trying to manage stress, but there are so many things that just plain bring me down lately.   I'm trying not to dwell on the negatives though, and in my efforts to take charge, I picked up a copy of Chris Kresser's "Your Personal Paleo Code".  The general idea behind this book is that one-size-fits-all-Paleo doesn't exist. It should be personalized to each person, and by paying attention, you can cure what ails ya through your diet.   (Ok, that was a gross oversimplification).

The plan begins with a 30-day Reset Diet. During this phase, you remove all the bad junk from your diet. Then in Phase 2, you add things back in and determine what is right for your body. So, for the next 30 days, no grains, no dairy, no legumes, no sugar, no processed foods, no alcohol.  It's very similar to doing a Whole 30.  I'm really hopeful that this will reset my body, help me heal my gut, and move forward feeling healthier.  Oh, and if it finally helps me drop a few pounds, that won't hurt either!

The interesting part will be that I start this on June 15. The same day I kick off training for marathon #2.

Some parts of this aren't a big deal. I don't think I have any runs so long in the first 30 days that I'll need fuel, and pre-run bananas are plenty compliant. I'm honestly most concerned about hydration.  I am a salty, salty sweater. Honestly, you can rub salt off my forehead after a warm weather run.  Right now I use Nuun, especially after a run.  (Protein powders are also not allowed during this 30 days for various reasons).  And I really hate the taste of coconut water. So I'm a bit stumped there.  While I think Nuun, Island Boost, and the protein powders we have  (my go-to fuel, hydration, recovery) are very 'clean', I don't think any are allowed for the next 30 days.   (Island Boost for example is a coconut water base, but has fructose and glucose...  no sugar allowed). I suppose I could try eating an orange mid-run if I really need fuel...

Any other Whole 30/strict Paleo runners out there?  What do you use to fuel, hydrate, and recover?

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