Monday, May 16, 2011

Fair Warning...

I don't know if I'm going to post something for you today, but I might. I might go home and copy and paste some I wrote several months ago. I'm not sure. What I wrote several months ago certainly could offend certain people. Really, I'm going to debate whether to risk offending a few people in order to share some things that most people could be benefited by reading. We'll see. But here is your fair warning: we are currently doing the whole reintegration thing. It is different from last time in that our long-distance relationship is finally over. He's come home to me for good. I can't say it's less challenging, it's differently challenging. Anyway... expect those Army rants to be coming soon. And if you're offended, well, sorry. I speak my mind. Call me a b*tch if you want. I've heard worse. I'm entitled to my opinion, and as I stated above, this blog is mine and mine alone. If you figure out where I work (or if I mention it in the future), my blog doesn't represent that company. If you figure out who an unnamed person mentioned is, well my blog represents only my opinion. I hope you'll listen when I rant, and offended or not, at least consider what I've said. Whether you agree or not, I am only one voice among many, but I am a voice.

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