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DIY - Wedding Programs

I keep working in reverse on this wedding...  admittedly, I designed the invitations and Save the Date cards in inDesign. So, while I can show you pictures in a later post, I can't exactly tell you how to make them.    So today, wedding programs!

They're probably the first impression your guests get (after the invitation of course). So they need to be cute! But you still have a decent amount of information to convey. I can't quite take credit for this one... I found it online and made adjustments.  I do not remember where I found it, or who to give credit to, but just want to be clear that I'm not taking full credit.

Also, I lived at Paper Source during wedding prep. If you're not lucky enough to live near one, you can order online.

Here are our wedding programs!

Of course, we were supposed to get married in Killington, VT..  and the Killington Grand had chairs for their outdoor ceremonies that are not rounded. So the initial plan was for the invitations to actually hang on each individual chair.  But don't worry, they looked almost as cute tucked into a basket. 

The backing for each was a note card in the Half-Moon and Enclosure card (4 3/4" x 6 7/8"). Here is the Paper Source page http://www.paper-source.com/cgi-bin/paper/item/Half-Moon-Pocket-Folder-Enclosure-Flat-Cards/2505.040/3432040070.html  I used Chocolate for everything, but you can see they have tons of colors. 

Here are the tools you'll need. The tap runner below was from Target, but there is a Thermoweb brand available at Paper Source or Michael's that I felt worked better.  The hole punch is from Paper Source and is specific to the size brad available from PS. The brad setter (the little silver thing) is also from PS. 

I hate brads. I really do. Buy more than you think you'll need. I completely ruined at least 25 over the course of 110 programs.

Using the hole punch, punch a hole in the upper center of each Enclosure Card.  I punched one as a guide and used that to ensure each hole was in the same spot.

Place a brad into each hole, wider side down. Lay this on a hard surface that you don't mind denting. I had a cutting mat on top of a table.  At this point, you should have an Enclosure card, with a small hole in the top center and a brad in the hole with the smaller end facing you. (This is the end sticking up on most of the brads above).

Set the brad setter into the small hole on top of the brad. (You will see a small knob on the end of the brad setter that is clearly meant to fit into the brad). Hold the setter firmly in place and hit it with a hammer. (Trust me, use a hammer. If you don't have one, go buy one!). It will take a couple to get the hang of it, but you should end up with a cute little bracket around the hole.

Cut approximately 10"-12" lengths of 1/4"-wide ribbon. Put ribbon through the bracket and use a candle, match or lighter to melt the ends. (this will keep them from fraying).  Tie into bow or knot.  Ta-da! Enclosure card on ribbon!

Now, the program part....

First, I apologize, so far, I haven't been able to upload the actual template. I will keep trying.

But the Belly Bands are very easy...  In Word, create a new page. Set the margins as small as they will go, then create a table with 3 columns and 5 rows. Ensure that each row is 1.25" tall. The columns should be 2.25", 4.75" and 4".  Make sure to set the border between rows so that it will print (you need a guide for cutting) and the border between columns so it doesn't print.

In the largest box, print the names and date to your liking. We did our names in large, bold font, with "The Wedding Ceremony Of" above our names and the date below. Center this within the cell.

In the 4" box, we printed a message to our guests, welcoming them and thanking them for joining us.  I printed the belly bands on regular 8.5 x 11 paper from Paper Source in the color Sunshine.  You should have 5 bands per page, and I simply cut them with scissors.

Belly Band:

The actual invitation was also done in Word. Set your margins to 0. It is probably again easiest to insert a table. This one can be 2 columns and only 1 row. Use the ruler guide to ensure your sizes are right. The first column I started at .1, and ended at 3.5. The second column ended at 7.4.  (Sounds like it wouldn't work, but it did once everything was folded).

Create text boxes within each column.  I created a text box in each that was half the height of the page, then copied each one into the lower half of the column. Put in your information as needed. You can see ours below.

You will need to print this on cardstock, or you will be able to see through when you look at the program part. You will have two programs per page.

In order to trim this properly, you should only need to trim one inch off the right side of the page, then cut it in half to separate the two.     (Yes, my best friend was a guillotine trimmer).

Fold each program in half so it opens like a small book. Use the tape runner to put tape on the back of the right side of the program, then center it in the lower portion of the Enclosure Card.

Fold the Belly Band around the program so that your main part (names and date) is centered. Fold the other ends over so the note overlaps the other end of the band on the back side of the program. Use a tiny amount of tape from the runner to secure the two ends.

At the ceremony, these will hang on each chair, and your guests can simply slide the belly band off in order to read the program.

I know this post is long. The programs took probably two full days, but otherwise they were remarkably easy.  

Here are the templates for both parts. Please know that the spacing will likely not work immediately upon download. For example, when I download with my Mac, the Program spaces the columns incorrectly. I can quick fix by dragging the center line back to the left. I apologize for this, but hopefully you'll still find the templates helpful.

Once downloaded, you will want to play with the font and spacing until this matches what you want. With careful spacing, I was able to get two programs per 8.5x11. The template does not reflect this.

Download Belly Band Template:

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