Sunday, January 12, 2014

An Off Week..

I wish I had a more exciting update for you this week...  I finished my 10 miler last Saturday, and later that afternoon, my face started leaking. Runny nose, watery eyes. I shrugged it off, as I get a cold like that almost every winter. It usually lasts two days and it's gone. Well... this time, the face leaking lasted about 2.5 days, and the cold has lingered. Thankfully not *too* bad, but draining. Combine that with the polar vortex, and, well, I missed my Tuesday run!

I couldn't bring myself to get up at 5a.m. at all this week, and when I'd get home, I had just enough left to cook dinner, and then I was pooped!

The good news is that this week called for 5, 3, 5k. Woo! Like a little mini-taper in the middle of training, and it couldn't have come at a better time! I made it through my 3 miler on Thursday with very little difficulty. Yesterday's 5k was pretty miserable. It was 40 and raining, which wasn't awful, but with all the snow still on the ground, the rain flooded the sidewalks. I wasn't running so much as I was fording icy cold rivers. My big toe was white when I got back!

So, my mini-taper became a bit bigger than planned, but I'm not worrying. I figure if I need the rest, it's better to be rested instead of pushing it. I'd rather be a teeny bit behind than injure myself. Agree, disagree?

Looking forward, I've got a 5, a 4, and a 12-mile long run... I'm very excited for Saturday's long run... I ordered a CamelBack Marathoner vest, and it finally arrived!! I can't wait to try it, and OF COURSE I'll be reviewing it for you!
Oh yeah, I make this look good...

I also designed some super-fun thank you notes to send to everyone who donates to my Michael J. Fox Foundation fundraiser, and ordered several TeamFox wristbands to send with them!  I'm very grateful to everyone who has donated so far, and hopefully they'll wear their wristbands proudly, knowing they're helping fight Parkinson's Disease!

What's on your schedule for the week? What are you training for? How are you coping with this crazy weather?

Workout of the Day: 12 oz. bicep curls - It's a rest day! Football and Woodchuck Hard Cider!

Song of the Day: "Steal My Show" - TobyMac

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