Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas and a New Year

Merry Christmas!  I hope everyone's was wonderful. We had what felt like the quickest Christmas ever, but I enjoyed (almost) every minute of it!

Thursday afternoon, the husband got out of training for the break and I brought him home to have "our" Christmas. We opened our gifts, had a great ham dinner, played with the cats, and went to bed early!  The next morning, we drove the 8.5 hours to Vermont to spend Christmas with my family. Yay, White Christmas!!

Christmas Eve we spent at the United Church of Christ in Rutland. Reverend John Weatherhogg was the officiant of our wedding, and we've wanted to attend one of his services for a while. His wife, Rev. Tracy Weatherhogg was actually leading the service, but we saw him very briefly, which was wonderful! We went to the family service, so they had a nativity with little children from the church.   Christmas morning, we got up and hit Pico Mountain (Killington's little sister) for some skiing!  We had previously bought discount tickets, which seemed like a great decision, until we discovered that Pico had only about two trails open, and the one at the top of the mountain was lined with snow guns. While I enjoy skiing blind (ok, no, I don't), we decided to forgo that trail. But! With no crowds, we got in quite a few runs anyway.  We headed home for a turkey dinner and opened presents in the evening. 

Sadly, we had to get up early yesterday and zoom back so the hubs could return to training. Insane traffic in New Jersey turned it into a 10.5 hour drive, but we made it and are back to the grind.

In good news, I have some awesome New Year's plan (that will be another post). The hubs is getting me a new laptop for Christmas, so the house and job hunts will be in full swing soon, and I registered for a half marathon outside Detroit to ensure I keep up with my training!  (so yes, you'll get 2012 updates about that!)

Now, to slog through the last few days until New Year's!

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