Monday, October 3, 2011

Table Numbers...

So if you're like me, you attempt to DIY many parts of your wedding, but with the intent of saving money. I searched sites galore and found tons of projects that you just knew everyone had already done. And, I found tons of projects that didn't really save you any money!  So this project was 100% thought of on my own (I'm sure people have done something similar, but I didn't copy anyone else's idea...)

Here are two of our table numbers:

Grand total, it was probably $5-$6 per number...

The numbers were simple mailbox numbers from Home Depot (shown below in brass, but I actually bought the nickel finish).  I painted these with regular wall paint, which was also used on our escort card boards.

It took about two coats, and I let the brush strokes show to give it a more textured feel.

The background was made of a sheet of craft/scrapbook paper from Michael's. Each sheet cost maybe 20 cents, and I was able to cut 6  4x6" panels out of each one. Basically, I just cut out the panel in the size appropriate for my frame and used that as the background. The numbers were simply laid on top of this.

The frames I purchased were the cheapest I could find at Target, part of their ReStyle line. Thanks to Back to College time, they had packs of 4 frames for $4.99.  Don't tell, but the frames are actually neon pink and neon green!   This was the longest part, simply because of the need to cover everything (I would have to paint all but one side, let it dry, paint that side, let it dry, repeat).  Be sure to remove the glass and the back before you paint!

First, I painted over each one with the same standard wall paint from Home Depot (Glidden in a Walnut color). Once the pink and green was covered, I gave them a little texture.

Yeah, Martha Stewart's annoying, but she makes some great paints!  This little gem was at Home Depot for about $8, and is actually a Terra Cotta textured paint available in several colors. I added a layer of this on each frame to give them something a little extra.

See? Didn't even have to be perfect, but it still looked good!

Once everything's dry, put the glass back in the frame, put the numbers in, put in the art paper backing, and put the back in place (the right direction, I had to do a couple twice, oops!)...  and viola! wedding table numbers!   (Added bonus, the painting was actually very calming during all the planning!)  and now I still have some fun frames to put pictures in!

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