Monday, July 29, 2013

I Need yurbuds...

How do you run? What keeps you moving? Music? Audio books? Nothing but the sound of nature and your own feet on the trail or pavement?

I am 100% dependent on music and not ashamed to admit it. I've had my iPod die during a difficult run, and while I didn't quit, I wanted to. I do not need to hear myself gasping for air, but more importantly, I like the beat. If you ever watched me run, you would absolutely see moments where I'm pawing frantically at my iPod's controls, trying to find a song with a better beat or one I haven't heard recently. And it's not abnormal to catch me dancing along to a song during a particularly good run.

So, if you have a well-loaded iPod, and you remembered to charge it, what could go wrong? Yup. Headphones. Slipping. Falling out. Needing constant readjustment. Every runner has experienced slippery earbuds. You're constantly fidgeting, and your groove is lost somewhere in the constant effort to catch a fallen earbud and get it back in your ear.

As I prepped for my first half marathon, I made one of many stops in my local New Balance store. I saw a package of headphones hanging on the wall. I admit it, I was drawn in because they were pink. I asked what the staff thought. One person had hated them. One swore they were great. I have tiny ears. Really tiny ears. Which often presents a challenge. And these come with two sizes of enhancers... So I took a chance. 

Good move Stacey, good move. 

Yurbuds. Inspire for women. 

It took about two runs before I truly figured out how to get these earbuds properly in place. They have instructions, I just didn't take the time to read them. You actually twist these into your ear, and then give a tug to ensure they are secure. And then you go. Go, go, go. Because your yurbuds aren't going anywhere. 

My first pink pair took me through some brutal winter runs. I mean 5 degree days, windy days, freak snow squalls. They didn't budge.  They came with me through the spring runs.. the days when 45 degrees felt warm, the rainy days, the very, very windy days. 

They took me through two half marathons. In the Indy Mini Marathon, I wore one earbud, and tucked the other into my sports bra. This allowed me to chat with my friend and maintain awareness without sacrificing my music. Even with the imbalance of having a single earbud in, it did not budge. 

I finally sacrificed my pink pair to the Ann Arbor Half Marathon. Somewhere along the way I learned that where the earbuds don't budge, if you tuck one into your sports bra, the enhancer just might budge. 

The enhancer is the colorful portion that actually goes into your ear. This is clearly the genius of yurbuds. Not only is this the innovation that keeps these babies in your ear, the design allows for some awesome sound, even while putting the earbuds through the ringer.  I got caught in a torrential downpour. I mean Torrential with a capital T. The earbuds did NOT slide, and the sound was NOT compromised.   

The material is germ resistant as well, so you don't feel gross using them. There are earbuds that definitely can not say this. I received a pair of Klipsch sport earbuds from a contest. I couldn't keep them in my ear, and I started feeling grossed out trying to stick them into my ear over and over. Klipsch... good sound, miserable fit, no groove. The day I tried Klipsch, I cut my run short because I was CONSTANTLY adjusting the earbuds. 

It's clear I love yurbuds, but there is a small, pink enhancer somewhere in Ann Arbor. I contacted yurbuds to inquire about replacements. I received a prompt answer letting me know that I could easily get replacement enhancers. But... after pondering for a little bit, I decided to just get a new pair!   Let's face it, I am a girl, and I enjoy pretty, colorful things. (check here for options: yurbuds)  I won't be getting rid of my old pair. Most likely, I will at some point put the green enhancers on the pink cord.

In with the old, in with the new.

Ready to roll.

I hope I've convinced you.. and if not... here's a video!  Yes, a video... big step for me. Apologies for the meowing, but I guess my cat likes yurbuds too!

There you go... enjoy your run!!

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